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Silliness - Quizzical Looks

Dec. 25th, 2006

09:19 pm - Silliness

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Things have been far too quiet or serious around here lately, I feel a need for something frivolous and silly...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, seandc sent to me...
Twelve calliopes_pens drumming
Eleven goodnightladys piping
Ten boywhocantsaynos a-leaping
Nine ghostbusters dancing
Eight trekbbs a-milking
Seven comics a-swimming
Six dvds a-laying
Five su-u-u-uperheroes
Four veronica mars
Three rachel summers
Two shiny things
...and a daria in a firefly.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Hmmm, much of the coolness there (and something to set the universe quaking in it's boots - three Phoenixes?!) Gotta love the image of nine ghostbusters doing their thing :lol:
o/" There's something strange
In the neighbourhood
Who ya gonna call?...

Martian Manhunter to the other supers: Does anyone else feel kind of superfluous here?

So I've been just trying to decompress and not think the last few days - so I've been indulging in large blocks of Justice League (the series), and my run-through of Battlestar Galactica has seen me finish the original series and near the end of the first season of the new, in between trying to best the little games on the mobile...

Friday saw me wandering around town though, even though my meet-up was cancelled, I was still dressed and up early, so I went out and followed my feet about. My feet got to somewhere I wanted to check out far too early for it to be open, so I just had to turn them away from the Planet Bookstore and walk back again (plus I saw a photo processing place on the way out that I could get some prints done up at on the way back). I did want to go out and see Mum today, but even with my aunts helping I couldn't get back again - public holiday timetables... well, there's the new-year get together anyway. Ah, roll on normal shopping days again (none of this sale junk) and roll on Friday!

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