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Jan. 21st, 2007

01:30 am - What has gone on since

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Ok, so what's happened since that Thursday? Well, I've had a bit more time to get used to that whole working thing again, and using it to not dwell on anniversaries. S has returned, so I'm back to my normal level one job... or not the normal one. Once again, the interchangeable card has been played, and from next week I'm disposition guy for good, or until someone can finally convince people that change is bad, and the library really does need three people. So I've been trying to do all the little things I haven't had the chance to do for the last several months now I don't have to worry about things like loans anymore, and trying to think of all the operational knowledge I can give to S from the last several months.

I got a message back from the cemetery, and the headstone wasn't in good enough condition to put in the wall. So that's that. I might get a plaque made later in the year, depending on finances etc - I had been hoping to hear more from the other descendant families, but nothing so far, so I guess it's up to me. Anyway, first things first, still have to get a plaque for Dad. I've traded emails with one of my aunts (on Dad's side), so his family is pitching in. Mum sent part of the ashes back to Scotland last week, to be scattered on his parents' graves (I figured since we'll be scattering them at the same place as the ashes of Mum's parents there should be some there too, and said so).

I went to Mum's again last Friday. A to help out with some more shopping since I was catching a cab anyway since I saw some shelves she could use, and B because Dad's medal from the Malaysian Government arrived a few days before, and Mum couldn't bring it to me, so I went to photograph it and some other medals Mum has - Grandpa's WWII medals, Jack's Wings, etc.

The lighting and flash on the day made photography of the medals a bit difficult. Grandpa's medals didn't come out so well, but his Aunt Hilda's MBE came out much better.

What else is there? Well, the DVD collection continues to grow mainly through imports since the local market just isn't getting the right cartoons released - heck, the last R4 DVD I bought was the second season of Galactica, and I've watched the whole thing now. Anyway, these imports teach me important lessons... like how to take over the world! :D

I'm pretty sure I mentioned the satirical ads about eating lamb for Australia Day last year, but I'm too lazy to go look it up, so I'm just going to say it's having pretty much the same effect as last year... I think by Thursday I'll be in the mood to just pick up a nice bottle of Irn Bru, and call out for some Chinese that night! ;)