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A Plaque of The Times / Ipi N'Tombi - Quizzical Looks

Mar. 1st, 2007

12:16 am - A Plaque of The Times / Ipi N'Tombi

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OK, it's been a tad longer since I'd intended since updates - time to start pulling together all the little paragraphs lying around into an actual post.

I'm still in the disposals area at the moment, with work on the old files being stop-starty (only so much that can be done when you and your supervisor are more often than not not appearing on the same day), although that's about to change *again*, since Library-Bosslady has thrown a spanner in the steal-me works, by going and getting herself another job! She'll be leaving at the end of next week, so there hasn't been any time since she found out (four days after the interview, including the weekend) for TPTB to even think about hiring a replacement. So, S gets bumped up to take G's place, I get brought back to take S's place since I'm the only one who can do that level two, so things back to relatively normal for a couple of months anyway (just with a bit more money - helloooo higher duties!)

I've been catching up on my reading down in Disposition anyway... an advantage to working in the back room has been being able to put on headphones and have people try talking to me anyway ;). I got a bit bored with listening to music and battling pinchy or falling out earphones (my ears are a bit sensitive to earbud-style phones at the moment) and I got an idea - "don't they have books on audio cds these days?" A visit to Borders confirmed this (although I'm surprised by how much they had on *tape* still...) but I was a bit iffy about price-vs-length. A visit to the city library saw me right with the three volumes from the Beeb's The Return of Sherlock Holmes radioplay, and when I thought of it the ABC shop supplied me with a couple of the Doctor Who audiobooks, so I'll be right for the next few days - a top-up from the library and I'll have all I need for as long as I'm still in disposition. And thanks to the new better headphones my ears stay toasty warm as a benefit...

Anyway, it's been somewhere over a month... and really, the most remarkable day of the lot would be Thursday of last week, the 22nd.

After taking a day off to rest a twisted foot (ok, I *could* have gone in, but I knew I'd be walking the next day, and the foot was most grateful for a day without shoes), I went to meet Mum at Karrakatta for our appointment to arrange the plaques.

Yes, that's plaques plural. One for Dad, and another for my great-great grandparents, whose headstone was recently removed as part of the cemetery renewal program, and was in too poor condition to be re-positioned elsewhere - cue frantic online searching the night before when I realised that I had no birthdate for Elizabeth, only the year. Most of what I found was about her brother, and yay at finding the passenger list of the ship the family came to New Zealand, including a separate paragraph about the U'Rens, *with* the birth dates... *until* they get to Elizabeth and her younger siblings, where they just switch to years, ACK!

We couldn't really get a position near to the gravesite, and the kind of plaques to use there were rather small, so instead their plaque will join Dad's, which will be in the Columbarium - it's a good idea to go through with a guide! The first time I went through there, in May, I was by myself and a little lost (I didn't realise at the time that the "Niche Wall" I was looking for was near the end of the cemetary, and attached to one of the organised areas), and so only saw a part that was full of old old plaques and high walls all around. We went in with one of the customer service reps, and instead found ourselfs in a contained garden with graduated walls around it - much nicer! So the plaques will be on the second row of one of the higher inward-facing walls.

There was also a wider range of customisations to the plaque designs than the others I'd seen, and was a lot less painful to the hip-pocket than I'd been prepared for! We saved a fair bit of money on the plaque for the Stubbses, since the cemetery let us have that one at cost since it was a replacement for the old headstone. So, those have been ordered, paid for, now we're just waiting for them to be made and installed - they put a rush on it, but they've still got to come from interstate. I also saw the original records of the Stubbs' burials, and found out why there was no sign of Elizabeth's details in their online database - one of their sons registered her as Margaret for some reason - unfortunately it's a bit too late to ask why he did that...

Afterwards it was back to the city for a spot of lunch (I only have a liquid breakfast, and was too busy with one last search of the Southern Cross newspapers for a birthday mention to get morning tea...) and to give Mum some stuff I'd found. But first, back to something I'd noticed that morning coming in off the bus. Purely because I realised I'd be way too early catching the CAT up to the State Library, I'd walked through the city up there, and passed the coin shop where City Arcade becomes Trinity Arcade (or the other way round). I'd noticed a medal in the window, a British 1939 - 1945 Star, and made a note of it, in case I could replace one of my grandfather John's medals since they'd long disappeared into between-sibling-space. Mum had a look at it and said it definitely looked familiar, so, a replacement! *reads the requirements for this medal* Ah yes, a day's service at Dunkirk would definitely fit - in fact, that's most of what I know about him!

The main thing I had to give Mum was a copy of the soundtrack to a play called Ipi N'tombi - The Warrior. I'd managed to find a CD copy in Dada (which was lucky, otherwise I'd've probably had to go to AmazonUK - I figured that now she has a cd-player (Dad's portable DVD), she needs a bit more range in the CD stakes (especially since she likes playing them loud to annoy certain neighbours ;)). Of course, the loudness is nothing new. Back when I was a tween, on a warm evening my parents would set up the chairs in the front yard, get a glass of wine, and send me in the crank the LP up to 11, and get out toot suite! (don't worry, we lived on a sports field, we didn't *have* next-door neighbours to annoy).The LP has been gone for a few years though, since they never got another turntable.

So, that's my memory of the album - Mum's goes back a leetle bit longer than that...
It was the year 1976, not that I knew about it at the time since I hadn't been born yet. At the time my parents lived in London, but had driven up to Edinburgh for my uncle Andrew's wedding. It was on the drive down that the radio started playing the first song or two from the musical. Dad went out and bought the whole album the next day. A little bit later they went and saw the stage show with a couple of friends of theirs. One of them was definitely interested in the play - or rather, the topless performers who he was watching through opera glasses. This made their other friend smack them out of his hand, and chew him out telling him not to be disgusting!

My aunt is now after a copy of the cd too, she says when she lived in Africa *everyone* was singing it.

At the start of the month I heard from Mum that over the weekend Dad's sisters got together and scattered his ashes over the graves of his parents. His sisters were there, but they couldn't get hold of his brother in time. Two of my cousins also went there.
And because the hits just keep on coming, we just heard that Dad's older sister has been diagnosed with cancer too. Not a good year-since-June really... At least the doctors in Edinburgh were able to start treatment much quicker, and from what another sister said they're hitting the ground running with the big guns of treatment. Anyway, haven't heard anything from over there for a few weeks - I had to remind Mum that maybe this sister wasn't the best person to ask for certain info right now...

I seem to have a new pet, kind of. It started yesterday morning, first thing, wake up, walk into the laundry and there on the wall above the washing machine is a lizard, one a bit larger than the little ones that we normally see around, like the ones that used to hang onto the shadecloth on the back verandah. It scurried out of site, I went on with my normal morning routine (I did have a bus to catch, no time for chasing what I can't see). Switch to nighttime, and I just push the laundry door open, and who should run past? I lost it when I went to find something to scoop it up with, although I searched around the rooms down the little hallway. Not really much I can do if I can't see it, and a gecko should be pretty harmless.

Oops, ok, no more new pet. I just got a drink a little while ago, and saw it scurry across the kitchen floor. Managed to catch the little gecko in the space where the bin and wireshelves live with an empty tub, and released it into the back yard.


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Date:February 28th, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
*posting in between many, many news reports...*

And because the hits just keep on coming, we just heard that Dad's older sister has been diagnosed with cancer too.

*hugs you*

Managed to catch the little gecko in the space where the bin and wireshelves live with an empty tub, and released it into the back yard.

Ah, yes, geckos. When Gwen (friend of Mom's) lived in Hawaii, those things would always get in. Picture them covering the walls at night. She hated those things.
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Date:March 1st, 2007 01:07 pm (UTC)
*hugs you*
Danke *hugs you back*
Mum got a call from Dad's older sister this afternoon - she's going to be ok! :D Just a few more weeks on the radiography treatment, but they say it's done, she's ok (not that she had any ill-effects in the first place).

Ah, yes, geckos. When Gwen (friend of Mom's) lived in Hawaii, those things would always get in. Picture them covering the walls at night. She hated those things.
Well, if it was a not-in-my-room wall, I think it'd be cool to see :D
The closest we ever got to a wall-covering was MOTHS when we went to Perth one time, and got back in the wee hours (we were in the country), and that single outside light... yikes! Oh, or the hundreds of tiny hatchling daddy-longlegs spiders, but they were too tiny and translucent to properly cover, unlike that huge mass of spiders in that Clockspider thread a couple of weeks ago.

The lizards up there were too large to cover any walls anyway - we got big blue-tongued lizards in the garden at times, too big and chunky to climb walls anyway...
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