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Long weekend, and what went before - in colour! - Quizzical Looks

Mar. 5th, 2007

09:01 pm - Long weekend, and what went before - in colour!

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So, there goes the hot long weekend! Yes, we've had Monday off here, Labour Day public holiday.

Being a long weekend, I figured I'd get out a little bit on Saturday, not spend the entire time at home and all. My plan? To visit a medal showroom to see about getting a replacement for Dad's long-missing General Service Medal. Sure, I could've ordered online (the company is based in Perth, although way up north), but I figured I'd leave it as something to do in the weekend.

Although the company is based in Joondalup, they have a showroom in Cannington - luckily just on the other side of the railway line, not near Albany Highway/Nicholson Road morass. Also "luckily" as in "it's near the station my bus ends at, so no need to actually catch a train". So, I just manage to catch the bus relatively late in the morning (since genius me managed to set the alarm for eight in the evening...), and take a brisk stroll down the road along the railway (and walk right past the right shopfront) to find... they're closed for long weekend! Well, nothing else to do but to turn right round and go back. Once back, I kept going on to Carousel shops - even quicker walk, and saw me come away with another audiobook (so that should see me right for as long as I need them) and a winning lotto ticket! Division 5, but still winning. ;)

So, that was my big tale of the weekend - I'll get round to ordering the medal online soon. I've spent the rest of the weekend continuing this week's big crash-course in Highlander - yeah, finally relented to someone's suggestions when I went to get the Rocky Horror 3-D poster on Monday...

Anyway, let's have some pictures to make up for the not-updatingness and general boringness!
First off, the medal I bought the other week, for which I finally remembered my camera has a close-up setting...

It has a nice weight to it, and a nice look of age up-close.

Next, I managed to take a couple of pictures of the gecko while it was in the bin-bay under the counter (basically, the bit where a dishwasher would be if it was ever installed).

Now to a few pictures from a trip to the zoo late last year - was good to get out then, although it was very very crowded in the tinyweek between Christmas and New Years, and as a result I think I'm addicted to Frosty Fruits iceypoles...

First up, a series of pictures from the Tiger exhibit - one of them was just pacing back and forth along the glass, turning at a specific spot for ages. One of the volunteers said she'd never seen this tiger behaving like this before...

Good thing that glass was replaced sometime in the last year, otherwise we wouldn't have seen any of that amazing shot. As it was, we were just six inches from making a new friend...

And now for the fans out there:

Even with the crowds, the giraffes were out and about and very easy to photograph that day! :)

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