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*brushes off the dust* - Quizzical Looks

Oct. 8th, 2006

11:46 pm - *brushes off the dust*

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So, here I am again, after a short break of... um... longer than I intended.

Haven't been up to much this last month out of the ordinary. The most noteworthy part of the week saw me finally living up to what people have thought for years - I took Wednesday off to get a wireless card and account for my computer - people have thought for years that I've had broadband, now I've found out that we can get it here without having to tear up all the wires in the house, I spent a few days thinking about it, then finally decided yes. I've got the card in and the various bits configured, but I haven't got the nod from the ISP yet, so I'll wait until their call before setting everything up.

"Well if I must, I must. Personally I'd rather be Meryl Streep, but then, wouldn't we all?" - The Real Ghostbusters

While the techie people were messing around with my machine, I killed time (since I was given a pick-up time of 3, and it was 9.40) at the movies and in Fremantle. I just had time to get in to the early screening of The Devil Wore Prada. I chose it just because I thought it would the least likely to be chockas with kids (it's school holidays here), but I enjoyed it - the reviews I've seen afterwards rave about Meryl Streep in this, and they're right. And yes, I did compare Runway to Just Shoot Me's Blush magazine - hey, the main characters even have similar (actress') birthdays!

Stepping out into the world again and suddenly realising that I'd left my sunglasses at home, I made my way to Fremantle (ah, the ease of having a direct bus route, and getting on the one after the one that was late). There's a bookstore on South Terrace I just can't seem to walk by without popping in - if I had any actual artistic talent I'd be doomed, this place has a large bay just of folio art books. Walked around a bit (I had thought of visiting the Army Museum, but I couldn't remember where it was), then found myself pointed down the arcade from High Street to the Post Office corner (I can't remember the name of it, or find the street directory).

I had thought just to browse in the windows at the model shop, but rounded the corner past the sweet shop, and saw a much sweeter sight. Comics. Shelves thereof. New comic shop, hooray! Called The Comic Box, I found out that they'd only opened three weeks ago. And much of what was on display were older comics, stuff that one can't find a lot of anymore. I managed not to go too nuts (just the right amount ;))...

If more than one person is reading this part, I'll be surprised ;)
So, the haul!
We'll start with some back issues of X-Men from the early 80s - 172 and 174, directly tied to the Wolverine in Japan tale (I don't have B:YO, but I do have this), Storm's new mohawk and Kitty (and new friend Lockheed) getting their own letters page to play with, while Rogue makes a few new introductions. Also included is the scene where Kitty throws herself at Peter, and Scott proposes to Maddie before asking so very much the wrong question. Also the What If? issue based around Phoenix not having been killed on the moon, and what happens when she tries to live as Jean as the Mutant Registration Act comes into play.

Moving on, some mid 80s New Mutants sees a run-in with Legion and Reverend Craig in Ullapool, and across the pond the strength of Rahne and Dani's mindlink, hints of Illyana's descent into sorcery, and Rahne's fury. The other issue was dealing with Gossamyr and treading water in the countdown to Inferno.

Some early Excalibur made its way into my hands too - which is now all mixed in with a large haul from Elizabeth's Bookstore on Friday, so what I've read so far has been the end of Crosstime, a little argy-bargy with Galactus after that (where Alistaire tries to save Rachel with a little pressie from "some chap from Gallifrey" while not realising just how easy he is for a telepath to read), some hijinks with Mastermind and dressups for DOFP, Jamie Braddock gets something interesting on telly, and Kitty goes to a new school.

Onto the DC side, a couple of issues of Impulse (yes, I checked for Young Justice, but nada), and an issue of Detective Comics from 1980, when they had several stories per ish. So that has Bart trying out the whole sporting life without powers, Bruce fighting Ra's Al Ghul and the murderers of Kathy Kane, Barbara treading the ballet boards, and a couple of Robin and Black Lightning stories I haven't gotten to yet.

I also noticed in amongst the older rarities on display were a couple more of the late70s/very early 80s Batman Family/Detective Comics, and some of the old Blue Beetle and Booster Gold solo series. Anyway, a return visit might be in order sometime.

So, that was my new favourite store in Fremantle - I wandered a little bit more before working my way back to the circlebus, to get back to my computerstore pretty much on the dot of 3, to find the computer ready and waiting to go. Picked it up, did a big shop since I had to catch a cab anyway, and now all that's left is the waiting for the go-ahead to connect.

Friday of last week saw me taking my sweet time before going into the comic shop. I had a look in Empire, and almost got out without having to exercise my wallet... "Almost", I said. ;) I got to the DVD section, and what had just arrived that day (after being on back-order for five weeks I'm told) but the second season of Veronica Mars, which has been pushed from pillar to post, and then delayed for the football finals - yeah, I was done waiting for the show to start up again, I gave in after a minute and bought it. Long weekend viewing taken care of, marathon time!

Apart from that, the long weekend did give me a chance to see just how quickly the year's passing. I took a little walk to get a few supplies, which includes a short-cut through a small bush area (nice sense of being totally alone in there). In that patch at least, the first Christmas Trees are starting to flower - Mother Nature's beaten the City of Perth to start with the decorations this year!

During this last week I got a packet of photos from Mum. A while back someone put an ad in the paper that they were going to visit the war cemeteries in France, and if anyone wanted him to visit a relative's grave to let him know. Mum wrote to him, and after being delayed in his trip, we got the photos he took of Great-Great-Uncle Maurice's grave in Doullens - some wide shots and some close-ups, with and without a little flag flying.

This weekend has seen a fire in the south-east of the city, smoke haze across these southern suburbs - luckily it was all blown away today, my eyes weren't looking forward to another day of burning. The late afternoon light was red enough to make it seem like the sun was shining through cordial - was less unsettling than the dirty yellow light before that though.

So, that's most of the last month accounted for, apart from a couple of things I'll get to posting eventually.


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Date:October 8th, 2006 06:26 pm (UTC)
Also the What If? issue based around Phoenix not having been killed on the moon, and what happens when she tries to live as Jean as the Mutant Registration Act comes into play.

Marvel did so many What If issues regarding Phoenix surviving. They should just release a trade just for those--that would probably get half the issues so they don't need to include them when they finally release the series in trade form.

The other issue was dealing with Gossamyr and treading water in the countdown to Inferno.

The few people that actually remember that character probably consider her a Mary Sue--since her power was to make everyone love her, I believe.
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Date:October 9th, 2006 11:42 am (UTC)
Bro! *pouncetacklehugs*

Great to see that you're still around and have a working net connection - soon to be all wireless and broadband-like, which is totally awesome by the way! *so jealous*

Great news about the cool comic shop you found - I can just see you getting lost for hours at a time in that place, lol.

I better see you online at some point in the near-ish future, cos I need to annoy you :) *big hugs* bro.
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Date:November 23rd, 2006 10:57 am (UTC)
Hey you. Can you e-mail me your current snail mail addy (tealtalitha@gmail.com)
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