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The State of Things - Quizzical Looks

Dec. 14th, 2006

11:26 pm - The State of Things

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So, it's been a busy week for me.

Bosslady came back on Monday, so I'm no longer in charge of the library, just trying to catch up with stuff, and do little things like decorating - started Monday arvo, finished it Tuesday morning - has to be me since I'm the only one who has a chance of reaching the ceiling to hook stuff in there - and that's with a ruler-with-carved-notch for lifting the hooks up. Anyway, the front ceiling is strung with lengths of tinsel, many dangling over the walkways with hanging things just in tempt-people-to-bat-them positions (it works too, even if I don't dare anyone :lol:)

Anyway, that's it for the year, I'm on leave now, so hopefully when I go back there'll have been certain changes made and morale will be much better - it's been the lowest anyone can remember, even I've had to play counsellor after certain people have made instant decisions with no consultation.

I was originally just going to take yesterday and tomorrow off - tomorrow I'd planned for a while, and yesterday was to go and talk to Mum about a funeral director. I went up to my parents' place as planned (with some extra, like a chair tall and sturdy enough for me and a tree). Looked in on Dad when I got there. The last time I saw him in the hospital a few months ago he was thin, even for him - he's never been an especially big man. Now he's skeletal, that's the only word for it. He can't really talk anymore, since he needs the machines to help him breathe for any more than a minute or so, so for him to talk he needs to basically hold his breath and shout to be heard at all. Anyway, during the day between visits from various people from Silver Chain I gave him some messages from his old unit, and he showed me stuff about his mobile phone - I've taken that so I can be called immediately when the time comes. He didn't think much about writing the instructions though, he still tried to vocalise them.

Anyway, he's gone back into the hospice for a few days to a - give Mum a break, and b - escape the weekend's heat. The Silver Chain nurse says that the doctors there are only giving him two weeks now. So, I decided to take the rest of the year off at least, to be able to visit Dad or at least help Mum (who's getting a bit narked at well meaning questions). As long as I got the doctor's certificate, I have plenty of various types of leave. Did really get the stuff done we meant to, what with counsellors and carers dropping in.

Today I went back up there - everything managed to connect nice and easily, and I got the right train to Bassendean (along with some early risers among the Barmy Army) to get the first 62 instead of waiting for a cab. I was glad of this, since it means I was able to pop my head in and see Dad before the transfer-ambulance showed up to take him to the hospice. Dad said that he'll just go in for a few days (I'd say at least until Wednesday because the start of the week is going to be a stinker). Mum says she doesn't think he's ever coming home. Our family plans for Christmas were to meet up there on the 23rd - I suggested we should pull that back to the 21st - his birthday, and hopefully he'll be home for that at least. So, Mum and I made further plans, asked another funeral company for a quote, and are now just waiting for some word on who do a good job before arranging the deposit (since even the deposit is near $2000), and then went on a big food shopping trip (so I could pay for the food, and cabs there and back - I'm sure Dad would be horrified that I'd done that and would try to pay me back). Went home after putting Mum in the cab (I live in a totally different part of the city), and took a nap, rather tired out after the last couple of days (not to mention the holiday crowds in Galleria).

Tomorrow, I go in to work for a short while just to change the computers over and hand in the doctor's note for my leave, then out for a long-planned day out. I think a day of fun is just what the doctor ordered right now, there'll be precious little opportunity much later.

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