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back in the jug agane - Quizzical Looks

Jan. 4th, 2007

09:26 pm - back in the jug agane

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*backdated, and with apologies to n. molesworth*

So, today saw me go back to work after three weeks - the longest I've had off since I started here (and only feels like a lifetime longer). *streeeeetch* Yeah, getting back into the swing of things is taking a while...

Yesterday I went to the cemetery with Mum to pick up Dad's ashes, and to have a look in on some of the family - nice day for a walk, which was good since Veronica's grave is almost at the other end of the cemetery from the gates. The permanent headstone isn't up yet, but the grave is right under a huge tree. Also had a walk along to see some of the plaque options for Dad, and check out one of the walls that's having relocated headstones incorporated into it - hopefully the headstone of my great-great-grandparents is in good enough condition to be integrated into one of these walls (their section was just renewed in the last few months) - encouragingly there was an identical headstone in the wall we saw in an adjacent section.

Afterwards I went to put that Borders voucher I won a couple of months ago to work with some special ordering and a couple of things for Mum to use with the DVD player I helped set up for her the day before (I wonder if anyone here has heard of a series called Sharpe, hmmm? *isn't looking towards Adelaide at all, nope ;)*); when it was time to go our separate ways I almost forgot to hand Dad over - I'm just used to carrying stuff, I didn't really notice the weight. Thankfully Mum listened and caught a taxi back home - I didn't want her waiting around forever for the comparitively infrequent buses to her place at a deserted train station, thankyew.

Anyway, I escaped the madness that is lunchtime in the city and got home to find I'd had a little help in the DVD stakes too..

A big thank you! to justace, the DVDs arrived just in time for me to start watching them before going back, good way to start the evening! :D

Now I need to wait for either UK or US Amazon to get round to having more Ghostbusters DVDs.....


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Date:January 21st, 2007 11:39 pm (UTC)
(I wonder if anyone here has heard of a series called Sharpe, hmmm? *isn't looking towards Adelaide at all, nope ;)*);

And a big fat *rassssssp* to you too :) but it's a fantastic series, isn't it? especially if you're from a military background.

Welcome back, happy new year, and would you like a Care package of shortbread again this year? I made far too much as usual. I've been fangirling to an embarassing degree for the past three weeks but all my posting has been to locked boards; one of my NY resolutions is to actually use my LJ a bit more often to blather about the shite going through my mind instead of talking to the cat :)

Toodles for now, let me know about the shortie. xxx
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Date:January 26th, 2007 01:29 pm (UTC)
All that for not looking at Adelaide? *innocent look* :lol:
And... um... I've not actually seen the series...
I just knew that it has Sean Bean in it, so... :D

And happy new year to you, may 2007 pull it's bloody socks up!

If there's still any of that shortbread left, sure I'll help you take care of it :D (this year I'll actually remember to eat slower than "inhale all!" speed :lol: )

Ahhh, locked boards so you don't have to admit the amount of fangirling? :lol: Don't forget to let your fingers do the talking more :D
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