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We're the best, we're the beautiful, we're the only - Ghostbusters! - Quizzical Looks

Mar. 15th, 2007

10:48 pm - We're the best, we're the beautiful, we're the only - Ghostbusters!

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Soooo, I'm back in the saddle again! Me and my dualscreens (somehow I just happened to acquire an extra screen...) are now back in the library, where we all belong! Once more I'm getting an acting higher level, since I'm doing S's job while she does G's job who's gone off to another library.

Let us rewind to Friday - the one good thing I've found about daylight saving is that I now catch my bus in the quarterhour around sunrise. So as I was walking with the just predawn sky still dark blue (a single minute saw the sky lighten several shades), when a bright light draws my attention upwards - a shooting star! :D

Turning forward a few hours, I thought I'd just get one last box of files done (in other words: excuse to listen to last disc in the set) - people don't get that I might have the files and boxes on my desk in some kind of order... Anyway, with the disc listened to, emails sent and the usual 101 odd things I get called aside for, I spent the rest of the morning taking apart and putting back up my computer (so very many cables!). Lunchtime came, and I set out at a jaunty pace (well, my legs are longer, I don't like waiting around for people to keep up if I'm not bothering with the conversation). I grabbed a corner place so that a I'd have some room and b - best view of the outside from that part of the pub. Small talk and avoiding cameras, the usual, the not-quite hearing from further down the table, and the making the most of the window seat - I could see down Claise Brook (or what it's been turned into) and across the river, and a tree full of corellas shifting about.

The meals came, and we decided that our steaks had been switched, C and I... I'll just have to order mine extra-well-done next time to make up for it. Anyway, presentations and speeches were made, meals paid for (and somehow some NZ money ended up in my change...), and said goodbye to all our leavers who weren't coming back to work. I got back a tad late (but before many others), taking the time on my walk to see if there were now fish in the artifical lake (there are), and follow a red dragonfly...

But anyway, that was that. Back to the library, and now no bosslady... still feels more like a holiday fill-in, especially when doing certain things in the catalogue or to the shelves just because that's the way she liked them. Anyway, I'm back, and getting back into the swing of things (photocopiers only work when switched on! - unless they're like the one in that email that's going around with the person hiding inside...) and fight the piles of things building up/already built up due to lack of time for two people.

I've also been dealing with fire and water recently. Water, because we had a pipe leak out in the backyard just under the tap, and so a merry little brook was babbling up from under the pavers. Fun little ways to deal with it included cutting the house supply to half-flow, and yesterday when the plumber tried-but-couldn't get it all done having the water switched off entirely. Fun getting up in the pre-dawn hours, getting dressed and wandering out with torch to switch it back on long enough to take a shower / clean teeth etc! (actually, I wouldn't mind being out then more if I could see stuff, it's cool and there's no people). Anyway, that was finally fixed today so no more wasting water just by having it on. And today we had a fire drill. We could tell it wasn't the real thing by them repeating "simulation" and the fact the intercom guy wasn't having kittens like the one time in the last few years it wasn't a sim. That plus I overheard a couple of the fire wardens a quarterhour before... And if it had been the real thing, I'd've been rescuing our most rare and valuable books.

Anyway, that's about it for now - still waiting for any sign of that medal, and a few weeks to go yet before the plaques are ready... oh, I had the lights turned off on me in the basement - lucky I had my phone's light so I could still read and find my way out - yeah, I'm just rambling now...

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